Sport and leisure, Nautic sports in Languedoc Roussillon

    Nautical sports
    Initiate in nautical activities that coastal region offers you. The sail, the surfing, the sand yacht or the kitesurf will carry you to the rhythm of tides and of winds up to an experience rich in feelings.

    In calm waters or in white-waters, attract the experience of the canoe and let come, paddle at the hand, on clear waters of these rivers of character. That you choose a gentle or tumultuous descent, you will be able to use a sumptuous natural setting.
29 in Languedoc Roussillon.
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picture of Pêche à la mouche
  • Daily rate high season of 200 to 300 €

Nautic sports in Cabestany

Pêche à la mouche

Matthieu Gentilhomme 1, avenue du Languedoc 66330 Cabestany 66330 Cabestany (Pyrénées Orientales)
Phone : 06 16 91 24 19

Nautic sports in Sète

Navigation à bord d'un Trimaran de course ORMA 60' Class Ultim'

Antoine Rabaste 231e traverse d'engance 30000 Nîmes 34200 Sète (Hérault)
Phone : 06 98 40 25 50
Private person, embark on a racing boat and come for helm a formula one of the sea!
Days or half day of navigation are organized several time per year for everybody on the Emotion Trimaran (Ex ...
picture of Ecole Windykite
  • Low season of 30€ to 550€
  • High season of 40€ to 590€

Nautic sports in La Palme

Ecole Windykite

Brice Laquièze 4 bis rue Romanille 11480 La Palme (Aude)
Phone : 06 84 85 16 10

Kitesurf School Windykite

If you would like to take pleasure in Kitesurfing .... we welcome you to La Palme & Leucate. Whether you want to kitesurf with an instructor or want to ride on your ...
picture of ALET Eau Vive
  • High season of 15€ to 38€

Nautic sports in Alet-les-Bains

ALET Eau Vive

Michel Granger Allée des Thermes 11580 Alet les Bains 11580 Alet-les-Bains (Aude)
Phone : 04 68 69 92 67
picture of téléski nautique de Bram
  • High season of 18€ to 25€

Nautic sports in Bram

téléski nautique de Bram

Sastre Fred rue des fleurs, lac de Buzerens 11150 Bram (Aude)
Phone : 04 68 79 74 14  - Mobile phone : 06 16 03 78 71
the nautical teleski of Bram offers nautical activities (water skiing, wakeboard, knneboard) but also space restoration with view panoramic Lake. Activities: water ski, wakeboard

Nautic sports in Gruissan

Pole Nautique de Gruissan

Jerone Serny 50 avenue de la jetée 11430 Gruissan (Aude)
Phone : 04 68 49 33 33
picture of Natu'Rando
  • High season of 17€ to 35€

Nautic sports in Remoulins


Salgues 2 av Geoffroy Perret 30210 Remoulins (Gard)
Phone : 06 67 11 49 19
Canoes bike Natu'Rando Pont du Gard rental of canoes and coaching.

Many choice of descents under the Pont du Gard, Remoulins and Fort of 7 to 27km in the natural Gorges du Gardon.
Protected area ...
picture of Ecole de Kitesurf Addicted 2 Kite
  • Low season of 45€ to 560€

Nautic sports in Narbonne

Ecole de Kitesurf Addicted 2 Kite

Laurent THOMAS / Julien CIMETTA Plage du Créneau Naturel (à coté d'Aquajet) 11100 Narbonne Plage 11100 Narbonne (Aude)
Phone : + 33(0)6 40 46 26 62 / +33 (0)6 71 17 08 06
Kiteboarding school located in Narbonne-Plage, next to Gruissan, known worldwide for its wind conditions. Easy access from Narbonne. Navigation from the natural niche, away from the concrete!
Opt for ...
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