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Les Gorges du Tarn

Visite.org 48400 Florac (Lozère)
Between the Sauveterre and Méjean plateaux, the river Tarn descends from the slopes of Mont Lozère, carving a staggeringly high gorge - the 'Gorges du Tarn' - across one of the most beautiful and sparsely populated regions in the south of France.

Flanked by cliffs that soar to 50 metres, between the villages of Ispagnac and le Rozier, about 40 underground springs cascade into clear waters, some of them peaceful, some turbulent.

This canyon-crossed landscape provides great hiking country, and offers plenty of opportunities for sports: canoeing, kayaking, boating, potholing, caving, canyoning and climbing…

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  • Deltour Hôtel Mende City 30 Avenue des Gorges du Tarn 48000 Mende from 54.00 Euros

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  • Deltour Hôtel Mende Eco 28 Av Des Gorges Du Tarn 48000 Mende from 42.00 Euros

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  • Hôtel du Pont Roupt 2 avenue du 11 novembre 48000 Mende from 75.00 Euros

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  • Gites Clef Verte de La Maison des Anglais Pougnadoires 48210 Sainte-Enimie

  • Studio(s) Gorges du Tarn rue des Vignerons 48210 Sainte-Enimie 48210 Sainte-Enimie

  • Hôtel Restaurant Bargeton Village 48190 Cubières

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