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Sculptures en fil de fer/ iron wire sculptures.
Deev Vanorbeek lives in a world populated with disproportionate insects. He presents a magnified reality that imposes respect. His esthetic intervention comes close to calligraphy with the purest forms and the most vibrating volumes. By twisting iron wire, he displays his spiders, ants and other insects through a magnifying glass.
Each of his creations takes life with force and makes the observer compromise between creation and recreation, life and death, fear and humor.
Today, Deev is moving towards more abstract art. He invites you to discover his work live in his atelier or on his websi


Lunes - Créations de Bijoux qui font tourner les têtes!
Set in the heart of the Corbieres between Narbonne & Carcassonne is the studio of Lunes.Lunes offers a wide range of unique handmade jewellery. Each piece has its own individuality. Lunes - guarantees she will turn heads!


"A la découverte des artistes régionaux"
Site du guide "A la découverte des artistes régionaux" consacré aux peintres et sculpteurs de la région de l'Aude et de l'Hérault


Welcome to my house and studio where you can look at art works and interesting second hand books as well as discover printmaking courses


Frédéric Gras, Auteur, compositeur, interprète
Le site de Frédéric Gras. Un Audois d'adoption qui écrit et qui compose.
Romans, contes musicaux, chansons, poésies.


Le Trait d'Union
Prestations aux professionnels,particuliers,associations ou collectivités.Tous travaux d'écriture et secrétariat:Transcription correction rewriting relecture ,C-V,lettres de motivation ,textes de communication publicitaire,création bases de données,articles de presses,thèses et autres rapports de stage. Création pages web Création sites web.Calligraphie.Biographie.Power Point, Acces, Photoshop

foto di Mon Languedoc-Roussillon

Mon Languedoc-Roussillon
Lo scrittore Michel Linguadoca Sidobre presenta corrente artistica, gastronomica, economica Languedoc-Roussillon. Per il video, mostra aspetti degno di essere portato in giro o in Narbonne. Dispone anche la "rinascita del cinema di Narbonne Mediterraneo dopo la New Wave regista Jean Eustache e gli artisti di "Amici del Giardino di Epicuro" ...

foto di Michel SIDOBRE Ecrivain, LE SITE

Michel SIDOBRE Ecrivain, LE SITE
copyright sito web dello scrittore Michel Languedoc Sidobre ti fa scoprire il Languedoc Roussillon attraverso i suoi testi e video di Stephane Kowalczyk ...


These vases appeared during the renaissance, and are still fabricated in the same tradition, as much as that which concerns their generous shape, as the traditional techniques born out of them, creating vivid colored glazings, with remarkable depth and transparence.

Originally created for use in the orangeries, they are designed to keep the humidity for long periods of
time, not only for soil growing oranges or other citrus fruits, but also in that which suits plants like
hortensias, camellias, magnolias or dwarf japanese maples, without forgetting of course their
protective effect in the plants health.

Up to 80cm in height, they can be accompanied by a plinth which recuperates water and facilitates their interior use.

The size that we call 'Giant' allows for a really individual taste, because the choice in colour and finishes and extremely careful glazing, gives an aged effect which makes these pots unique artistic pieces, products of 30 years experience.

As much in the earthy dust of the workshop as in the showrooms commercial ambiance, under the ramp fire or integrated in natural light and surroundings, they always impose their very insolent charm.



Assurément doté d’un début de raison, un sentiment d’âme se manifeste en lui comme une notion d’Esprit, une impression d’une existence différente, celle d’un ailleurs conjugué ici !


foto di Métal Art Sculptures

Métal Art Sculptures
David Vanorbeek, uno scultore professionista, da metallo riciclato lo rende astratto, monumentale e (più prima) insetti sculture per esterni e interni. Sito web Nuovo nome!

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