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La Fleuréérie
A shop? … not completely… It is a place surprising in the middle of nature, fairyhood and imaginary land, a small "ecrin" of curiosity a little to the variation like protecting in its corners and recesses all the small world which populates it… That of Fairyhood and Imaginary, that of the Fairies and the Elves, the Goblins and the Imps, the Witches and the Dragons, the Goblins and the Waste-gas mains, among which small mice and birds slipped, and other animals of the forest. All here contributes to immerse the visitor in an imaginary and fairy-like world.


Galerie Virtuelle Aparté
La Galerie Virtuelle Aparté, spécialisée dans la vente d'oeuvres d'Artistes vivants (peintres, photographes et sculpteurs), vous propose: près de 400 œuvres disponibles à la vente sur le site de la galerie, des prix compris entre 90 et 4500 euros, des styles variés :Art abstrait, Art brut, Art naïf, Art numérique, Art singulier, Expressionnisme, Figuration, Orientalisme, Pop’Art, Réalisme...


Immobilier du Soleil
L'Agence Immobilier Du Soleil A.I.D.S. spécialiste en recherche personnalisée ( achats, ventes et négociations). Nous mettons à la disposition des particuliers et des investisseurs toutes les compétences de notre équipe pour tous types de biens : maisons de village, villas, chambres d'hôtes, mas, maisons de maître, propriétés, domaines, terrains, immeubles, programmes neufs ...


Design Concept Construction - construction de maisons contemporaines et écologiques
Architecture contemporary or traditional harmony of shapes and structures, priority to light and natural materials, patio, roof terrace…

House ecological and communicating, many environmental solutions (solar panels, photovoltaic collector rainwater…).

For a house creative, natural, intelligent and economic DIIC gives life to your ideas!


Centre d'affaires Espace Optimum et services à l'entreprise
The address allows you the legal establishment of the headquarters of your company, the register of trade, mail handling and forwarding, welcoming visitors, the use of the address on business documents.

Foto Vente en ligne Articles en Bois d'olivier artisan ART MEDITERRANEE

Vente en ligne Articles en Bois d'olivier artisan ART MEDITERRANEE
Welcome to "MEDITERRANEAN ART", located in Sauvian Hérault (34) in the Languedoc Roussillon. We are specialized in manufacturing and wholesaling of items made of olive wood (for Wholesalers, Retailers, Resellers ...). We also serve the Individual through our Online Store. Our products are tailored to unit with a requirement QUALITY made in our factory and run by our partner "Label Rosamond" Giaccone founder Gerard. Our handcrafted products are then distributed through our commercial services located in Grimaud in the Var (83) and Sauvian in Herault (34) ART MEDITERRANEAN: Mortars, cheese platter, rape, gondola bread, covered, small dishes, fruit cup, butter dishes, pepper and herb mill, olive spoon, salad, main dish, pizza boards, dish bruschetta, bread cutter, spatula, egg cup, napkin round, pick olives, under glass, cups, cutting board, FROMAGET, meat board, Tea Service , flat sausage, snack nuts, cut sausage, salt box, shovel meal, mill keel, round towel holder, covered with sauerkraut, ashtray door letter, lamp base, candle ...

Foto Julien Barthez Artisan Maçon

Julien Barthez Artisan Maçon
Julien Barthez - Mason ambachtsman ambachtsman Mason sinds 2000, aarzel dan niet om mij uw kleine of grote werk...
Realisatie van op eenvoudige aanvraag gratis offerte... Werk: - dakpannen (leisteen en tegel) - muren / bestrating / - stenen trap - zwembad - vloer beton - window-dressing - extensies - beton uitgeschakeld-...
Tweede werk: - serviezen - isolatie / nasynchronisatie placo - alle renovaties-...

Foto Sud Nomade - l'art de la location meublée en Languedoc-Roussillon

Sud Nomade - l'art de la location meublée en Languedoc-Roussillon
On-line Agentschap gespecialiseerd in de verhuur van korte en middellange duur in Languedoc-Roussillon permanent online ingericht.
Eerste regionale agentschap met echte tools van e-commerce (boekings- en beveiligde online betaling).

Eigenaren in Languedoc-Roussillon, ambassadeurs van uw regio. Sud Nomade, web onroerend goed, ontwikkeld voor eigenaars twee soorten diensten: beheer direct door de eigenaar of beheer is voltooid zijn goed door Sud Nomade (hospitality management, verblijf,...).

Door de publicatie van uw woning, kunt u ook promoveren regionale producten via uw persoonlijke interface door het aanbieden van uw gasten die verblijven in uw woning.

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