Te bezoeken erfgoed, Steden en dorpjes dans les Pyrénées-Orientales

    Cities and Villages
    In the bend of a street or an alley, discover in the course of your walks the secrets of cities and villages of our regions. Remarkable facades, places, houses of times and many other hidden treasures, here is which treasures offer themselves to you. Picturesque villages of countrysides in the big metropolises, take time to promenade and to appreciate.
5 dans les Pyrénées-Orientales.
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Steden en dorpjes in Collioure

Collioure Ville de Collioure - Office de tourisme 66190 Collioure (Pyrénées Orientales)
Tel : 04 68 82 15 47
In the Pyrenees Orientales, near the Mediterranean sea, Collioure well-known for its belfry, its anchovies and for the Fauvism created by Matisse and Derain, fascinates you with the mildness of its ...

Steden en dorpjes in Port-Vendres

Port Vendres 66660 Port-Vendres (Pyrénées Orientales)
As the only natural port along the côte Vermeille between the Mediterranean, the Pyrenees and Spain, Port-Vendres was known already to the Greek mariners of antiquity. The port flourished after the ...

Steden en dorpjes in Corsavy

CORSAVY en Haut Vallespir

CREAPROMEDIA Rue Barry d'Avall 66150 Corsavy (Pyrénées Orientales)
Tel : 04 68 37 07 19
Top Corsavy in Vallespir, klein middeleeuws dorpje gelegen op een hoogte van 730 m op de berg Canigou. De geplaveide verkeersvrije straatjes met huizen als zo velen zijn nog steeds in omloop moment in ...

Steden en dorpjes in Argelès-sur-Mer

Argelès-sur-Mer 66700 Argelès-sur-Mer (Pyrénées Orientales)
Dolmens bear testimony of the origins of Argelès-sur-Mer that go back to Prehistory. The town was first mentioned under the Carolingian dynasty. From the feudal period to the 17th century, its ...

Steden en dorpjes in Perpignan

Perpignan 66000 Perpignan (Pyrénées Orientales)
Perpignan, between the Canigou and the Mediterranean, is the capital of French Catalonia and the only major town in the Pyrénées-Orientales.

A stroll through the narrow streets of old Perpignan ...
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