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Mas De L'Hospitalet
1036 Route De Ales
30140 Saint Hilaire de Brethmas (Gard )
10 комнаты от105.00 &евро;

Mas De L'Hospitalet is located in Bagard village. It dates back to the 12th century, and was built by the Knights Templar on the order of the King of France. The 10 rooms and apartments are comfortable and have all necessary equipments. The hotel has two interior courtyards and large gardens, including a swimming pool and a terrace. Mas de L'Hospitalet is ideally situated for those who wish to spend time exploring the rural beauty of the Languedoc Region, or if you prefer, to simply relax for a few days and enjoy the private and splendid historic surrounds that Mas de LHospitalet offers.

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