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    Castles and Monuments
    Castles are historic heights-places, they allow to dive back into the universe of the Lords who lived there. Some of these monuments, as fortresses, symbol of power and power, are often marked by the wars of the Middle Ages. Others, as the castles of sailing are much more stylized and testify of the refinement of the Renaissance.
7 dans le Gard.
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фотография de Château d'Aujac et Hameau du Cheylard
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замки,монументы в Aujac

Château d'Aujac et Hameau du Cheylard

Marlène POUGET-LEAUTIER Château d'Aujac 30450 Aujac 30450 Aujac (Gard)
телефон : 04 66 61 19 94  - сотовый телефон : 06 86 66 20 66

замки,монументы в Portes

Château de Portes

Renaissance du Château de Portes 3 rue de la Mairie 30530 Portes (Gard)
телефон : 04 66 54 92 05

замки,монументы в Nîmes

Les Arènes de Nîmes

Visite.org 30000 Nîmes (Gard)
Explore the roman wolrd's best-preserved amphitheatre.
The self-guided tour and multimedia areas devoted to gladiators and bullfighting enable you to immerse yourself in the fascinating atmosphere ...
фотография de Château de Sommières
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замки,монументы в Sommières

Château de Sommières

Emilie Sieso Hôtel de ville - Service patrimoine - 27 quai Gaussorgues BP 72002 - 30250 Sommières 30250 Sommières (Gard)
телефон : 04 66 51 19 71

замки,монументы в Aigues-Mortes

Remparts d'Aigues-Mortes

Visite.org 30220 Aigues-Mortes (Gard)
On the swampy grounds of the Camargue stands the fortress of Aigues-Mortes, which was built ex nihilo by Saint Louis in the 13th century, in order to provide the kingdom of France with a port by the ...

замки,монументы в Nîmes

La Tour Magne

Visite.org 30000 Nîmes (Gard)
It was built around an Iron Age drystone tower, of which nothing is left today. A regular octagon, in about 15 BC it had three stepped-back levels on a base. The top level no longer exists and the ...

замки,монументы в Nîmes

La Maison Carrée

Visite.org 30000 Nîmes (Gard)
Inspired by the temples of Apollo and Mars Ultor in Rome, the Maison Carrée has extremely harmonious proportions. It is the only temple of the antique world that has survived whole and is 26 metres ...
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