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Dolmens bear testimony of the origins of Argelès-sur-Mer that go back to Prehistory. The town was first mentioned under the Carolingian dynasty. From the feudal period to the 17th century, its history had always been closely linked to political and military events that succeeded in the Roussillon. Argelès was situated at the crossroads of important commercial routes that led to Spain via the passes of the Albère. First dominated by the Counts of Roussillon, the Kings of Aragon took control of the town in the 12th century. It will stay under their domination until 1276.

From 1276 to 1344, Argelès belonged to the Kingdom of Majorca. In order to protect his lands from possible attacks, the King of Majorca built towers on the mountain crestline, one example being La Massane signal station overlooking Argelès. The town shut itself up within imposing ramparts. A fortified church with an impressive tower was erected. It is still standing in the centre of the old village. In 1344, the ephemeral kingdom of Majorca disappeared.

Both the town and Roussillon returned to the Aragon kingdom. However, Argelès maintained its status of royal town, the sovereigns confirmed its privileges and kept a garrison stationed in the town. Until the 17th century, French and Spanish troops lauched assaults on Argelès as that land had been regularly fought over.

In 1659, with the Treaty of the Pyrenees, Roussillon was definitively brought under the jurisdiction of France, but it got all its strategic importance back during the Franco-Spanish war in 1794.

In the early 20th century, Argelès was a large, rural village as there were a number like it in the department. Life was based on agriculture, breeding and craft industry. The fashion for summer holidays and the development of tourism industry will change everything during the 20th century.

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