микросхема Nîmes la Méditerrannéenne

посещение достопримечательностей , города и поселки dans le Gard

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Nîmes la Méditerrannéenne

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Roman and Hispanic and with contributions from the Camargue and the Cévennes, the Languedoc and Provence, Nîmes is a city of all accents! It has been fashioned for over 2000 years by southern sunshine, wind and various influences. 'Set at the crossroads of history and human relations' (Christian Liger), it has lived the history of Europe intensely. And
although it has many influences and
paradoxes, its personality is unique.
Welcome. Secretive Nîmes will open its heart to you.

Nîmes the Mediterranean cultivates the art of living well above all. When there is the least ray of sunshine—300 days a year—terraces and conversations grow lively and the city is jubilant. And from the market to the arena, from the Jardins de la Fontaine to the discreet courtyards of private mansions, friendliness is the rule, whatever the weather.

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  • Le Cheval Blanc 1 Place Des Arenes 30000 Nîmes начиная с 95.00 &евро;

    забронируйте  Le Cheval Blanc
  • Novotel Atria Nimes Centre 5 Boulevard De Prague 30000 Nîmes начиная с 89.00 &евро;

    забронируйте  Novotel Atria Nimes Centre
  • Hôtel De Provence 5 Et 7 Square De La Couronne 30000 Nîmes начиная с 39.00 &евро;

    забронируйте  Hôtel De Provence
  • Les cigales 241, rue des amandiers Poulx 30320 Poulx

  • Les chambres du Mazel 68 rue de l'église 30320 Poulx

  • Hôtel Restaurant Le Gardon Lieu di campchestève 30210 Collias

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