Heritage, visit, Religious heritage in Languedoc Roussillon

    Religious Heritage
    Abbeys in basilicas by way of chapels or cathedrals, a wide choice of visits and déouvertes offers itself to you. That you are an amateur of the sobriety of the Romanesque art or the magnificence of the Gothic art, you will be enchanted to visit the numerous present buildings on all the French territory.

12 in Languedoc Roussillon.
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Religious heritage in Narbonne

Palais des Archevêques

Visite.org 11100 Narbonne (Aude)
The old palace of the archbishops, which distinguish itself by several towers (donjon Gilles Aycelin (End of 13th – beginning of 14th century), tower Saint Martial and of the Madeleine (13th ...

Religious heritage in Quarante

Abbatiale Sainte Marie

Quarante Place de l'Abadie 34310 Quarante (Hérault)
Phone : 04 67 37 85 29
The Abbey Sainte Marie is a valuable indicator of early Romanesque Languedoc, she will seduce you with beauty and simplicity of its architectural lines. The visit of the Treasury and the museum is ...

Religious heritage in Cruzy

Eglise Sainte Eulalie de Mérida

Cruzy Rue de l'église 34310 Cruzy (Hérault)
Phone : 04 67 37 85 29
Fortified church Santa Eulalia of Mérida owes its name to the young twelve Christian persecuted by Calpurnius Governor of the region at the time of Diocletian. Built in the 12th century on a ...

Religious heritage in Béziers

Cathédrale Saint-Nazaire

Visite.org 34500 Béziers (Hérault)
L’édifice actuel, que d’aucuns appellent parfois "le château", lorsqu’ils le découvrent du pont-canal, date des XIIIe et XVe siècles. La cathédrale précédente, de style roman, dessinée ...

Religious heritage in Restinclières

Eglise saint cesaire

Association saint cesaire 1 place de la république 34160 Restinclières (Hérault)
Phone : 04 67 86 64 62
Eglise du 12e siècle, évéché saint césaire
porte classée par les bâtiments de France

Religious heritage in Saint-Gilles

Abbatiale du XIIème siècle

VILLE DE SAINT-GILLES Place Jean Jaurès 30800 Saint-Gilles (Gard)
Phone : 04 66 87 78 00  - Fax : 04 66 87 78 19
L'Abbatiale - XIIème siècle :
classée au Patrimoine Mondial de l’Humanité par l’UNESCO à Tokyo (Japon) le 2 décembre 1998, dans le cadre des chemins de Saint Jacques de Compostelle : sa ...

Religious heritage in Narbonne

Cathédrale Saint-Just et Saint-pasteur

Visite.org 11100 Narbonne (Aude)
Vast Gothic radiant chancel built from 1272 to 1332, unfinished transept built at the beginning of the18th century, hardly rough-shaped nave. It is the highest Gothic chancel in the south of France ...
picture of Abbaye Romane Saint-Pierre et Saint-Paul de Caunes-Minervois
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Religious heritage in Caunes-Minervois

Abbaye Romane Saint-Pierre et Saint-Paul de Caunes-Minervois

Abbaye Place de l'Eglise 11160 Caunes-Minervois (Aude)
Phone : 33 (0)4 68 78 09 44  - Fax : 33 (0)4 68 78 09 44
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